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downloadI still kind of shake my head when I realize that summer is actually over,  fall is well under way, and winter not that far off!!

I was SO meant to be born in SoCal (that’s ‘Southern California’ for all you folks who aren’t as hip as me… the fact that I still use the term ‘hip’ proves me otherwise) where the weather is permanently niiiice.  Once I get over my initial mourning period for the loss of summer however I do actually enjoy the fall season.  I love all the fresh produce, pulling out warm p.j.’s, long walks enjoying the fall colours.

So, of course this has to lead somewhere…the long walks.  Had one the other day with hubby.  Every 18 months or so I ask him what he does and I honestly make a very concerted effort to pay attention.  (I remember years ago when a girlfriend asked…

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Winter season: Injury, Rest & Recovery


A week after the wet London Ride I went for a gently 3-5 k run, just to see how the legs and body were feeling after two weekends of pretty intense work. The run itself felt fine and nothing out of the ordinary, however it has left me ever since walking in pain with the culprit being the right knee (bit of an injury prone being it must seem from some of my previous posts!).

The pain over a couple of weeks was getting worse, with it being out the outside at first before magically shifting to the front at the base of the knee cap (the main focus of it now has shifted again to the inside/upper knee cap!). I took it carefully banning any sort of leg work so cycling and running was out of the window for a couple of weeks. With a bit of online reading…

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Pioneers of Fitness


Inside composing just about any set of important men and women inside almost any discipline, everyone can have their unique favs. In addition, inside weight lifting, weight training, health and fitness, exercise, in order to identify a number of locations, you can find so many people with offered so much it is tough for you to pare your checklist lower sufficiently. I’ve got tried out, even so, to feature people who have consistently arrived at my consideration since my initial hitting the ground with weight lifting at grow older 04 inside 1961. I’ve got attempted to put your focus on individuals who I sensed were being considerably vital in the aspects of weight lifting, weight training, exercise as well as normal health and fitness. Most likely many viewers can have their own favs.

Eugen Sandow Your Low Pareil (1867 – 1925) Blessed inside Germany, Eugen Sandow features usually been known…

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Fitness = Bubble Butt + Thigh Gap + Body Shaming?

Find Your "Fit"

I was on Pinterest this evening, looking for some worthy motivational and inspiration messages to both share with you all and to keep in my personal collection. It’s been awhile since I’d been on the site, but I happened to type in “Fitness” as my search term and these were some of the top images that popped up:

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Nitpicking…dissecting…and shaming of the female body as a way to inspire fitness? Is that really the way we want to go? Is this truly inspirational, or are we playing on the fears and worries of many women who may already have a number of body issues. Is it not enough that we are bombarded daily with society’s standards of what beauty is? So now we have brought that same comparison and shame to the world of fitness. Now, don’t get me wrong, I recognize that you can tag a photo with…

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